1. Strong Images, Placed Well

Many good blogs fall into the trap of simply looking boring and dull because they: 

  • Don't use images at all
  • Use boring, or unimaginative, stock photography

Interesting imagery ensures that people maintain enough interest to actually start reading what you've written. 

David Ogilvy’s research showed that images can be most effective when placed before your headline / title, because the sequence we follow when scanning is always the same:

  • We look at the image
  • We scan the headline
  • If our attention is grabbed, we follow through and digest the body copy

2. Keep it Personal... or Not

Depending on your industry and the aims of your blog, you should be mindful of the voice that you write in. 

Companies in professional industries such as accountants and legal bods probably want to speak in the third person, and have an authoritative tone to their content. Designers, marketers and home-made industries are better speaking in an informal style, with plenty of personal anecdotes thrown in. 

There are of course exceptions. And the exceptions are what stand out and make for the most interesting reading. 

Popehat is an example of a legal orientated blog delivered in a more personal style. 

3. Polarise with Strong Opinions

Opinionated people are a real pain in the ass sometimes. But opinionated blogs make for very engaging content!

It's hard to find a topic that hasn't been blogged about before. But it's your unique spin on it that will draw readers in. 

Some people will hate you, some will love you, but nobody will be bored. 

4. Invite Guests

A different tone... a different opinion... guest blog posts by other folk in your industry can liven things up in a number of ways. 

Their presence will give you something to talk about on social media and they might post a few  links your way too. 

5. What's In It For Me?

As with any content you write, it's always more engaging if your readers are learning something new or getting something out of it for themselves. 

Even if your writing is scintillating and your opinions are bold, adding practical advice, tips, tricks and how-tos will ne'er do you no harm. 

“That's a wrap!“

My name is Martin and I've been your host for this article.

I am by no means a strong writer, but I hope you found it of value.

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