Have you become disillusioned by social media?  

Nobody shares your stuff? Nobody comments on your posts? They're not generating any leads or enquiries? 

In our experience, the majority of ineffective social media activity is due to one basic misunderstanding: 

Social media is not advertising

With advertising you put yourself out there, shouting your message loud and clear. You make your message as simple, bold and strong as  possible in the hope that as many people as possible will hear it (and often enough for it to sink in). 

Social media is very different. There is so much content. There are so many messages. And if people don't want to hear your message, they just flip to another channel and you're gone. Probably for good.  

Social media is more like fishing. It is more like flirting. It is more like seduction. 

You might put yourself out there in the first instance. But then the majority of your activity will be reactive - listening, observing and responding. 

Social media is more like... socialising

People don't want to see ad copy or marketing materials. They want to get to know you and your business. They want to interact and they want to be social.

People don't want to be bombarded with messages about you and your company. They want to interact with people in your company. They want to talk stuff over. They want somebody to reach out to if they need help, advice or assistance.

People with good social skills don't talk endlessly about themselves. Instead they listen to others and pay attention to what is being said. They try to learn about the other person. They try to understand what the other person is attempting to communicate and respond appropriately. 

Social media is like flirting

Attracting a sale is not unlike attracting a partner. Some may take you up on your offer immediately, and some might be more interested in playing the long game. But attraction is still the name of the game. 

What are some characteristics of great flirts?

  • They express an interest in you - they are interested in what you have to say and remember it later
  • They ask questions - and listen to your answers
  • They compliment you - either directly or indirectly
  • They are confident - they have a strong sense of identity, but they're still interested in your opinion
  • They are never pushy or desperate - there is nothing that repels people faster than desperation, be it for sex or for a sale
  • They are playful - they are lighthearted, fun and don't get offended easily
  • They establish connections - people respond better when you share interests and values, or have something in common

Social media is like a game

Like any sport, to get good takes practice and participation. The more you play, the better you get!

You need to be a team player - helping others achieve their moment of glory as much as you seek your own. 

It pays to get as many good players on your team as possible. This may include:

  • Members of staff / family
  • Complementary companies in your industry
  • Celebrities and thought leaders in your niche
  • Existing customers and clients

Social media is like fishing

You bait your line, cast your rod, and see what comes back. 

Sometimes you make a big catch. But sometimes you get nothing. It's just a fact of the sport.

You monitor your line constantly, always on guard for the telling pull, and you never know when it might happen.

Then slowly, delicately and confidently, you reel them in. Maybe that's taking the metaphor a little too far....

“That's a wrap!“

My name is Martin and I've been your host for this article.

I am by no means a strong writer, but I hope you found it of value.

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