The "back-end" of your site refers to the code that interacts with your database to manipulate your data and display your website pages.  This is more important than you may think. 

Why Should I Care About The Code?

As a business owner or manager, poorly written code is your enemy, whether you realise it or not!

Good code is clear, well organised and easy to understand. This makes is much easier (and therefore more cost-effective) for future developers to work with your site and make any changes you require. 

Poorly written code is expensive. It increases  the likelihood of errors, problems and poor security. A simple change to your site can take hours to implement. And there is nothing more expensive to a web-based business than a hacked site!

How Can CompleteWeb Help?

Any development we undertake is guaranteed to be of a high professional standard. 

If you're having problems with existing code or security we may also be able to help, please enquire for details.

How to Proceed

You can take advantage of our services in any of these ways: 

Service Rates for Coding / Back End Website Development

Senior Hour £139.00
For strategy, planning and advanced work
Standard Hour £109.00
For tasks requiring industry-standard expertise
Junior Hour £69.00
For easier tasks that require limited expertise

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